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Our most popular model, the legendary Wizards, reach new levels of musicality in this fifth generation. Their three-way design features Richter’s top-line wide-dispersion soft-dome tweeters and the same powerful 6-inch bass and midrange drivers used in the flagship Dragons. The Wizards are ideal for hi-fi stereo in a medium to large room or anchoring the sonic drama of your home cinema. The Wizards will also please your eyes with their classic yet contemporary looks – perfect for hi-fi stereo or anchoring your home theatre acoustics, without breaking the bank.

“How on earth has Richter been able to produce a speaker that sounds so good for such a low price? Richter would no doubt invoke the Wizard’s incantation, and say ‘it’s magic’, but I tend to think that it’s the new ‘dream team’ of designers that should be congratulated on a job very well done. As the saying goes… love your work!”
Greg Barrowman – Australian HiFi Magazine

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Richter’s Legend Series V is all about the music – the sheer magic of your favourite listening delivered in astounding stereo high fidelity.

Two years of research inspired by Richter’s philosophy of musicality and affordability has produced all-new drivers, electronics and cabinets.

From the top: The soft-dome neodymium tweeters provide wide dispersion, producing a lively and spacious sound stage with smooth musicality, and a response extending well beyond human hearing.

The highly efficient 6-inch mid/bass drivers harness composite cones combining the natural acoustic finesse of paper with the strength of modern carbon- fibre technology. This produces ideal damping characteristics plus the coherence and timing essential to draw you into the music.

The awesome bass is rich, deep and firm.

New crossovers were painstakingly designed with feedback from a large team of audio specialists across Australia to produce emotional vocals, an astonishingly vivid sound stage and a smooth blending of frequencies. The highly stable off-axis response means the Legends maintain realism in a wide spectrum of listening environments – because everyone’s listening room is different.

The cabinets have been completely redesigned using non-parallel panels to reduce standing waves, and the comprehensive bracing is positioned to minimise harmonics. Double thickness rear and front baffles and new high density damping makes these the most neutral and musical cabinets we have ever produced.

Do yourself a favour, just listen!

Sound + Image Awards 2016 Richter Thor Review 2015


– Sound & Image Awards


by Aust HiFi Magazine

  • Speaker Type Vented quasi 3-way floor standing
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Frequency Response 32 Hz–25 KHz
  • Sensitivity 90 (dB/W/M)
  • Bass / Mid 2 x 130 mm (EPD*) sealed composite paper/fibre cone, inverted cap.
  • Tweeter 25mm soft dome, neodymium magnet.
  • Enclosure Bass reflex
  • Rec. Amplifier Power Home Theatre 100–250, Two-channel 20–250 WRMS
  • Dimensions 970H x 350D X 205W
  • Connector dual gold-plated binding posts (bi-wire capable)
  • Available Finishes Jarrah / Black Oak
  • Weight 20 KG each speaker
*Effective piston diameter (EPD)
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  1. Bruce Fine

    Bruce Fine

    I auditioned the Wizard V against B&W and Klipsch models both worth a little more in price than the Wizards. Switching between the three choices, I found that the Wizards had an openness and transparency which the others couldn’t match. They also came across as more mellow and soothing with tight controlled base, lovely voice presence and highs that were present without dominating. My choice was a simple one. I have not regretted that choice for a moment. I can highly recommend these speakers especially at this price.

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  2. Mark Gilbey

    Mark Gilbey

    First ones I ever bought but wont be the last, just the best ever. Love them.

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  3. David McGregor

    David McGregor

    I considered a lot of gear during my upgrade of my gear, which was 20 years old, Yamaha Amp, JBL TLX 10Gi speakers, loved this system, but it was tired and had issues, time to upgrade, got some advise from a friend, listen to the the Rega BrioR, so I went to Audio Trends to this intending to perhaps buy an amp, the sales rep hooked it up to a pair of Richter Wizards for me, his recommendation ok, i said ok, I wanted to compare to the Cambridge CX60, he hooked up both for me.
    First was the Cambridge, sounded awesome, was impressed, especially by the Richters.
    Next up was the Rega BrioR, and WOW, what a sound, this combination is awesome, brilliant Amp, and superb Richter Wizard speakers, they are different to the JBL’s in bass control, much better, top end much clearer, mid range more defined and just better, JBL’s are still good speakers, these are just better in most things, tighter Bass, JBL’s had deeper bass but more muddy, less defined, Richters much better.
    End of the day, I’m very happy with my purchase, superb speakers.

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  4. Dom


    Unbelievable performance. Breathtaking sound.

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  5. Kelvin Boult

    Kelvin Boult

    I was considering an upgrade of my ageing rear surround book shelf speakers for some time to enhance the rear sound stage and to compliment my front electrostatic hybrid speakers. Richter along with some other well known brands were on my shopping list although I had an open mind on what would be the most suitable. On auditioning them at West Coast HiFi O’Connor the decision was clear cut. The Richter Wizard V’s reproduced such clear highs and tight bass that I was after, especially when using multi-channel stereo format on some sound recordings. I also wanted Bi-amping capability as my Yamaha MX A5000 power amp is able to Bi amp all channels on a 5.1 setup.

    The performance of the Wizards is far above what I was expecting and has lifted the whole sound system. I would say that they give my expensive electrostatic hybrids a real run for their money.

    Highly recommended for a dedicated stereo set up or home theatre application. Exceptional value for money.

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  6. Ray Buscombe

    Ray Buscombe

    I have been looking for a quality pair of speakers to replace my high quality 1982 Sansui floorstanding stereo speakers that are still performing near their best. I had a hearing of the Wizard Vs at Tru HIFI in Albury and was astonished at the quality of the output from these beautifully encased drivers in the showroom. I had no hesitation is committing to the sale and once I got them home, I have been working through my very extensive music collection, from Strauss to Deep Purple and these lovely speakers broadcast the finest listening pleasure for the very modest price in their range. My Dire Straits collection, Jose Feliciano and Linda Rondstadt have been reborn with room filling relaxation. I use an Onkyo TX-SR508 receiver and can switch my Wizards from pure audio / stereo to be the front speakers of my home theatre. I find that I don’t even need the Sub-woofer to be turned on for music DVDs but of course the demands of action movies are best when supported by the sub. I love these Richter Wizards.

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  7. Julius Strom

    Julius Strom

    Loving the wizards. Can’t believe the sound quality and output from such small speakers that seem to drive effortlessly even without a big amp. Amazing bass tune customization for any set up and placement. Went in for PSBs on special and after one listen to the Wizards as a comparison , fell in love. Amazing sound spectrum with no over colorful highs, just perfect without any tonal adjustment. Amazing full mids and bass to suit a variety of different listeners/ moods. A lovely little package!

    Love your work and will be back for more.

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  8. Brad Smith

    Brad Smith

    Having recently moved, my partner and I (mostly me if I’m honest) decided to dedicate an entire wall to our extensive Vinyl colection. So I set about researching how we could turn this wall into a wall of art.
    The decision was to go with a valve amp, I was lucky enough to buy one of the last remaining Richter Mystiques. I looked at many options, but as I had purchased my first Speakers in 1994 which were Richter Merlins, I couldn’t look past a brand that had stood by me and proved itself over the past 24 years (they have been used daily since I purchased them and still sound amazing)
    I then set about the process of matching speakers with the Mystique, after many visits to Audio Junction in Hamilton NSW, with the help of Marcus, and having the pleasure of meeting John Cornell, I had to pair up John’s Mystique with the Wizards.
    Being a classically trained musician I was very cautious in my selections.
    While I was always swayed to Richter due to the previous 24 years, I kept an open mind. But on closing my eyes and opening my ears I ended up one happy customer.
    I can’t Thank Marcus enough for making me feel comfortable on every visit, and for not telling me what I should buy, but merely help me come to the realisation of what I was looking for. I have a feeling he knew all along what I would end up with, but he let me make that decision the way I needed to.

    I have had the speakers less than a week, and I am struggling to listen to all the music I need to hear through them. I have been brought to tears by the sound more than once.

    Thank you Marcus for your patience and professionalism, thank you John for your vision.

    Thank you Richter, I wish you well on your latest endeavours, but please don’t forget you are in the entertainment business. Close your eyes and open your ears, remember why you are here.

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  9. Humphrey Jansz

    Humphrey Jansz

    I’d heard about the Richter Wizards but they weren’t on my short list. Went into Pacific Hi-Fi, Liverpool and looked at several speaker types. Happily, I was then given a demo of the Wizards Vs. Was immediately taken by the musicality of the speakers. A second listening reinforced the great sound. I ordered the speakers 48 hours later and have been trying them out with jazz, classical, 50s pop and rock. Driving them with a Peachtree Nova150 amp (150 watts) and the sound is great with all the music. Clear highs and mids and very solid bass. Great sound. The Wizards will be quite at home in anything from a small to medium to large room. At 20kg weight per speaker, they’re quite easy to move around if you like experimenting with position. I was also lucky to be able to take advantage of Richter’s current special. Thanks Pacific Hi-Fi and THANKYOU Richter. Highly recommended.

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  10. Mick Short

    Mick Short

    I’m extremely happy with my Wizards. I’m no technical hifi buff so no detailed review here. I went into Audio Junction Hamilton NSW with the intention of taking home a pair of Dragons but liked the sound of the Wizards more when powered by a similar amp to mine. I’ve only got 40 watts to drive them but I reckon they sound wonderful. Thanks Richter for producing a great Aussie product & thanks Audio Junction for your honest guidance in selecting the Wizards!

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