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Our new Mentor loudspeakers feature the same top-line wide-dispersion soft-dome tweeters and 6-inch drivers as our flagship Dragons, offering that extra room-filling ‘oomph’ from a bookshelf model. But the real secret is in the cabinets, whose crossover filter design and cabinet noise reduction techniques culminate in a big, natural dynamic sound.

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nb. Price is for one pair of Mentor bookshelf Loudspeakers

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From the top:

The soft-dome neodymium tweeters provide wide dispersion, producing a lively and spacious sound stage with smooth musicality, and a response extending well beyond human hearing.

The highly efficient 6-inch mid/bass drivers harness composite cones combining the natural acoustic finesse of paper with the strength of modern carbon fibre technology. This produces ideal damping characteristics plus the coherence and timing essential to draw you into the music.

The awesome bass is rich, deep and firm.

New crossovers were painstakingly designed with feedback from a large team of audio specialists across Australia to produce emotional vocals, an astonishingly vivid sound stage and a smooth blending of frequencies. The highly stable off-axis response means the Legends maintain realism in a wide spectrum of listening environments – because everyone’s listening room is different.

The cabinets have been completely redesigned using non-parallel panels to reduce standing waves, and the comprehensive bracing is positioned to minimise harmonics. Double thickness rear and front baffles and new high density damping makes these the most neutral and musical cabinets we have ever produced.

Do yourself a favour, just listen!

  • Speaker Type Vented 2-way Bookshelf
  • Impedance 6 Ohms
  • Frequency Response 47 Hz–25 KHz
  • Sensitivity 88 (dB/W/M)
  • Bass / Mid 130 mm (EPD*) sealed composite paper/fibre cone, inverted cap.
  • Tweeter 25mm soft dome, neodymium magnet.
  • Enclosure Bass reflex
  • Rec. Amplifier Power Home Theatre 50–150, Two-channel 15–150 WRMS
  • Dimensions 375H x 290D X 205W
  • Connector dual gold-plated binding posts (bi-wire capable)
  • Available Finishes Jarrah / Black Oak
  • Weight 7.5 KG each speaker
*Effective piston diameter (EPD)
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9 reviews for Mentor V

  1. Macek

    These are simply incredible speakers for the price. They have great tonality, excellent bass characteristics, and clear and well-defined mid-range and treble. They sounds at least as good as speakers costing twice as much, and I would very much encourage you to audition them.

  2. Andrew Witts

    I have recently purchased the Mentor V speakers and am extremely happy with my purchase. They are very musical and engaging and breathe new life into my music.
    Well worth a listen and the purchase price!

  3. C.B.

    The pair of Mentor 5 Series speakers I recently purchased produce great sound. I am quite happy with them.

  4. Nathan Machan

    My new Mentor speakers paired and routed through my Thor 10.6 sub have combined to introduce a level of tailoring to my listening experience I’ve simply not experienced before. The feeling of separation across the audible range, fidelity to source, and depth of field in the sound they’re delivering in my loungeroom is utterly delicious. The ability the port plugs have given me to manipulate how tightly the bottom ranges are felt in the room has introduced me to some really beautiful possibilities in my listening experience. Whether I’m looking for a tight, fast expression of sound in EDM or deep sustained resonance for ambient and jazzy sounds, I can achieve either in moments. Loving every minute!

  5. Michael Northam

    Excellent value for money, beautiful sound .

  6. Cam. A. Sparrow

    Richter’s Mentor V handles the 190W RMS output from my ancient amplifier well. I listened to many competitors’ speakers and easily determined these were better and in many cases, significantly cheaper. They have replaced an existing set of speakers which have lost, through time, some definition…great to hear all the music and sound again.

  7. Graeme

    Great value (on special), great sound…..and the Australian connection.

  8. Richard Walmsley

    I have heard of your products over the years and finally bought the Mentor v bookshelf speakers,i am so glad i did they have improved my listening experience which i thought would not be possible ,i thought my other speakers sounded good,how very wrong i was,these new speakers have now opened my listening experience to a new level.And btw thanks for the t/shirt i will wear it proudly in support for a great aussie icon,power to you Richter and your team.

  9. Allan Paviour

    My new mentors sound as good as they look! Build quality is excellent and the best value for money around. Highly recommend!

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