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Our Wizard Series 6 Floorstanding Speakers have been re-engineered and designed to meet today’s market expectations from a visual and performance perspective. With the WIZARD being regarded as the biggest selling Australian Loudspeaker of all time not to mention being Awarded “Ultimate Product of the Last 30 years” delivering the next in the Series meant raising the bar. So that required the development of a New Tweeter and Mid / Bass drivers. The development of these new proprietary drivers allows us to create real magic with a New crossover design approach. Staying true to the comment of the brands founder ‘I’m not in the audiophile industry, I’m in the entertainment industry,’ These WIZARD Series 6 have been designed to be an Exciting Engaging Entertainment Experience to make you want to start digging through that record and CD collection or start swiping for your favourites from a streaming service.

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nb. Price is for one pair of Wizard S6 Floor Standing Loudspeakers and includes the Series 6 Stabilisers.



The Wizard S6 is our flagship speaker, being part of the sixth generation of the Legendary Richter speakers, where we directed our focus on delivering Loudspeakers that meet today’s customer’s expectations and equipment choices. For Series 6 this meant raising the bar from a visual and performance perspective to deliver an Exciting Engaging Entertainment Experience. But don’t take our word for it…

BestBuys Audio & AV Jan 2020

…This latest S6 version of the Richter Wizard takes a proven award-winning design to its highest level yet in terms of sound quality, visual appearance, cabinet stability and amplifier friendliness, so it seems certain that the Richter Wizard will continue to wear the crown of being the best-selling Australian loudspeaker. To read the full Review click here

Richter Wizard Series 6


Our New 6 1/2” speaker driver cones are made from a pulp comprising of paper, hemp, kapok and wool with an engineered fibre resulting in a very lightweight but stiff driver cone, then sprayed with surface sealant. These new Midrange and Bass drivers developed for the Series 6 Range effectively minimise breakup and roll off resonance. Then partnered with an all New low distortion soft dome tweeter which has a resonance well below 900Hz and the desired phase characteristics of a gently inclined sound pressure level frequency response to over 30Khz.


These New improved Drivers allowed us to take a New crossover design approach minimising the number of components required in the signal path. High-quality acoustic polypropylene caps with air cored and ferrite cored inductors for the midrange and top end circuits were chosen with a huge laminated core inductor feeding the bass on the WIZARD S6.


Richter Series 6 speakers all use our New heavy-duty, high-Quality gold-plated speaker terminal connectors which can accept a variety of connector types including: bare wire, pin connectors, spade connectors and banana plugs.

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Design: Vented Quasi 3 Way Floor Standing
Enclosure: Bass Reflex
Tweeter: 25mm soft dome neo
Midrange: 165mm (6 1/2") Composite Paper cone
Bass: 165mm (6 1/2") Composite Paper cone
Response: (-6dB) 25Hz-30KHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB (2.83Vrms, 1m on Axis)
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms (minimum 3.5 Ohms)
Rec Amplifier Power: H/T 100-200 2ch 60-200 Wrms
Dimension Cabinet Only: H965 x W221 X D359 (Including grill)
Dimensions including Speaker Stabilisers: H1003 x W300 X D359 (Including grill)
Net Weight: 20.3kg Per Speaker

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 24.1 kg
Dimensions 107 × 48 × 45 cm

Black, Walnut

Type: Vented Quasi 3 Way Floor Standing
Enclosure Design: Bass Reflex
Tweeter: 25mm soft dome neo
Mid Range: 165mm (6 1/2") Composite Paper cone
Bass: 165mm (6 1/2") Composite Paper cone
Response: (-6dB) 25Hz-30KHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB (2.83Vrms, 1m on Axis)
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms (minimum 3.5 Ohms)
Rec Amplifier Power: H/T 100-200 2ch 60-200 Wrms
Dimensions (Cabinet Only): H965 x W221 x D359 (Including grill)
Dimensions (inc. Stabilisers): H1003 x W300 xD359 (Including grill)
Net Weight: 20.3Kg Per Speaker
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Information Booklet - Download

9 reviews for Wizard S6

  1. John Schoots

    I’ve clocked up about 200 hrs of listening and I think I’m in love with my wizard sixes.I must stress that I’m well into my seventies and seem to have developed a extra sensitivity to high frequencies.My impressions are; a “silvery” quality to the treble with a fair bit of “air” around them.I’m very impressed with the (mostly) neutral midrange and just love the low end (no need for a sub in my listening room.I listen mainly to classical music ranging from large symphonic works to solo piano on both CD and blueray.The only caveat I perceive is that the treble can produce some odd responses on lesser recordings of solo violin and soprano,,tenor and some choral recordings but I suspect that my ageing ears might play in this.Overall I enjoy the open clarity and the wonderful and almost holographic soundstage.5 stars from me considering the very competitive asking price!

  2. michael coster

    i purchased these speakers from todds hi fi brisbane i went to the store and listened to different brands and found the richter to sound the best i wasn’t disappointed when i unboxed them hooked up to yamaha stereo amp and cambridge cd player the sound is unreal absolutely love listening to all my cds again like i have never heard before the sound is amazing

  3. Warren Miller

    I had been in the market for a pair of floor standing speakers for the last couple of years so my son and I went to the Stereonet HiFi show in Melbourne to ‘audition’ some speakers. I had planned on a price range of around 5-7000 dollars and were very interested in the likes of Kef, B&W and Monitor Audio. When I first heard the Richter Wizard S6’s I thought they might have been out of my price range – I was dumbfounded at the price, and also the fact that they were available locally. The speakers blew me away, figuratively and literally! My partner and I went down to Audio Trends in Ringwood and listened to them up against the more expensive competition and we were sold! These speakers are just at home with the bassy rhythms of the ‘kids’ pop music, as they are with soft warm tones like Eva Cassidy. Every instrument is clear and separate, with warm delicious mids and clear defined highs without brassiness. I thoroughly recommend the Richter Wizard S6 for absolute bang for your buck!

    • Brian Rodgers

      Thanks Warren for your recommendation, it was great to be able to showoff the new Wizard S6 and the StereoNet HiFi show and put so many simles on guests faces. Maybe thats why we got asked so many times was the price for each speaker or the pair. lol enjoy them.

  4. Steve Crawford

    Before spending thousands on speakers make sure you audition a pair of Wizard S6. I did just that at Klapp AV in Sth Yarra recently and was sold within minutes.
    But it was when i set them up at home that really impressed me. The first music I played at home was the Richter playlist on Spotify. This is a collection of music used in the development of the speakers. Played straight from my phone through a DAC Magic Plus, the wow factor was just incredible. Really punchy bass with beautiful and balanced highs and mids. These speakers are hard to fault and really do punch well above their weight in terms of function and appearance. Listening to Diana Krall on vinyl was just sublime and raised the bar even further. Do yourself a favour and have a listen to a pair before making any decision. I’d be amazed if you weren’t sold within minutes.

  5. Paul Prendergast

    My Richter Wizard Speakers arrived this morning. I couldn’t believe just how well packed they were!! After setting them up – well I also couldn’t believe just how sweet the sound was compared to my previous speakers – and that was only listening to a Music CD. The voices are much clearer and I remember thinking – I can actually understand words within the songs that I hadn’t been able to do before. The Service I received from Brian was a step back in time – first class service even though I emailed him many times. Could not have asked for someone better to impart his experience. Beautiful speakers – well worth the purchase. Very excited to listen to my first DVD on this system!!!

    • Brian Rodgers

      Thanks Paul, always here to help you get the rest results out of your Richter gear, I am sure they will even sound better after a few hours of running in.

  6. Tom S

    I liked the speakers so much, I bought the company!

    Well, I didn’t actually buy the company… I just always wanted to throw that line in somewhere. Great speakers, do yourself a solid and pick up a pair. Great sound and very nice build quality.

  7. Danny Jenkins

    If your in the market for new speakers, You need to listen to Richter before you make a decision. These are the best sounding speakers I’ve ever had and I’ve had or listened to many, You will hear things in songs you’ve never heard before. The clarity and depth of the sound is amazing and I’ve only got the Wizards so far and can’t wait to get the full set of series 6 speakers.
    Everyone that listenes to these are amazed by how good they sound, Forget about all the others and get yourself some Richter speakers, You will not be disappointed in what they put out. They pump anything from Classical to Heavy metal and make it sound better.
    I can not recommend them enough, Before you buy anything find a dealer that has some Richter speakers to listen to.

    These things are awesome and I can’t recommend enough just do yourself a favour and listen to some Wizards before you buy anything.

  8. Greg Johnstone

    After 16 years, I reckoned it was time to replace my Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 loudspeakers and, after auditioning a few brands (B&W, Elac, Wharfedale, Acoustic Energy), I decided on the Wizard S6s. I am over 70 years old and wear hearing aids, but the clarity of these speakers have certainly increased my listening enjoyment. The best Hi-Fi speakers I have ever owned, so do yourself a favour and audition a pair if you’re in the market.

  9. Harry Morris

    These speakers sing for themselves. No glitzy sci-fi looks, elegant, unobtrusive and sound wonderful. Clear and transparent mid-range, tight base and natural voice reproduction. Our speakers have been in use for 6 months and used for playing CD’s and sound for our television. Our aging ears appreciate being able to hear voices clearly. Our 50 year music collection extends from hard rock, acoustic guitar, jazz and blues. They are played loud and sound fantastic.
    The Wizzard S6 is amazing value, and selected over much more expensive speaker brands. Thank you to Trend Audio for the demonstrating and comparing a wide range on offer. Highly recommended and proud to wear the t-shirt.

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