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We believe our Merlin Series 6 Bookshelf Speakers are our best to date. Using the latest acoustic performance testing processes, they pack a lot of punch for their size, and out-perform many floor-standing models.  Building upon our 2017 award winning bookshelf Merlin MKV speakers, the new Merlin S6 bookshelf speakers will turn an intimate room into a large open sound stage with amazing, room-filling sound. The two-way Merlins use our new low distortion soft dome tweeter partnered with our newly developed light weight 6 1/2 inch mid/bass driver. The development of these new proprietary drivers allows us to take a New crossover design approach. This results in the MERLIN Series 6 being an Exciting Award Winning Entertainment Experience to make you want to start digging through that record and CD collection or start swiping for your favourites from a streaming service.

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nb. Price is for one pair of Merlin Bookshelf Loudspeakers


The Merlin S6 takes out Best Loudspeaker for 2020 ($500-$1,000) at the Sound + Image Awards.

The Merlin S6 Bookshelf Speaker is part of the sixth generation (Series 6) of the Legendary Richter speakers and in this series we wanted to focus on delivering Loudspeakers that meet today’s customer’s expectations and equipment choices.

This meant raising the bar from a visual and performance perspective. New aesthetically pleasing cabinet designs including magnetic mounting grills were drafted as well as the development of all new Propriety drivers which allowed us to take a new cross over design approach.

Staying true to the comment of the brands founder ‘I’m not in the audiophile industry, I’m in the entertainment industry,’ the Series 6 range is designed to deliver an Exciting Engaging Entertainment Experience. We’d like to get you digging through that record and CD collection or start swiping for your favourites from a streaming service.


Our New 6 1/2” speaker driver cones are made from a pulp comprising of paper, hemp, kapok and wool with an engineered fibre resulting in a very lightweight but stiff driver cone, then sprayed with surface sealant. These new Midrange and Bass drivers developed for the Series 6 Range effectively minimise breakup and roll off resonance. Then partnered with an all New low distortion soft dome tweeter which has a resonance well below 900Hz and the desired phase characteristics of a gently inclined sound pressure level frequency response to over 30Khz.


These New improved Drivers allowed us to take a New crossover design approach minimising the number of components required in the signal path. High-quality acoustic polypropylene caps with air cored and ferrite cored inductors for the mid/bass range and top end circuits were chosen.


Richter Series 6 speakers all use our New heavy-duty, high-Quality gold-plated speaker terminal connectors which can accept a variety of connector types including: bare wire, pin connectors, spade connectors and banana plugs.

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Design: 2 Way Vented Bookshelf
Enclosure: Bass Reflex
Tweeter: 25mm soft dome neo
Mid/bass: 165mm (6 1/2") Composite Paper cone
Response: (-6dB) 44Hz-30KHz
Sensitivity: 88 dB (2.83Vrms, 1m on Axis)
Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms (minimum 4.6 Ohms)
Rec Amplifier Power: H/T 50-100 2ch 40-150 Wrms
Dimensions: H320 x W219 X D289 (Including 9mm grill)
Net Weight: 7.3Kg Per Speaker

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 15.6 kg
Dimensions 59 × 42 × 43 cm

Black, Walnut

8 reviews for Merlin S6

  1. Jennifer Garrett

    These are my first Richter speakers, thank you to Audio Junction at Hamilton for recommending them, they give me the sound I was looking for and continue to impress with the different music genres I love. Would highly recommend them. Thank you for a great product. Jenny

  2. Paul Kobzan

    Looking to update my 20 year old speakers and had a 1k limit, was looking at floor standing speaker which were out of my range when Geoff from TRUHIFI in Albury suggested the Merlin S6, after a quick test took the plunge. I can’t fault the clarity and totally enjoy the sound quality, best of all they are not fatiguing to my ears. I now enjoy listening to my music and have a smile from ear to ear. Thank you
    Richter for a great Australian product that I would highly recommend.

  3. Tony Everett

    The speakers give a strong sound with clear tones for both bass and treble, while fitting neatly on the cabinet where I want them. I use them with a strong amp with DAB radio which we listen to often, while also running a CD player, phonograph and cassette player. Crank the amp or turn it down, the sound is clear. We love them.

  4. Stein

    Got the Merlin S6 just over a month ago and have been listening to it almost daily. Really enjoying how the highs and mids are so balanced. Really good for the natural tones of an acoustic guitar to shine through.. and equally good with rock and blues style of music. Definitely worth the $$.

  5. Stein

    Bought a pair of Merlin S6 speakers a couple of months ago and have been listening to it daily. Really enjoying the balance of the highs and mids – a real natural sounding speakers. Great for acoustic guitars as well as rock or blues style of music. Love it. Also bought the Thor subwoofer which compliments the Merlin very well.

  6. John Lane

    These are outstanding speakers for the price, or actually any price! So good I bought the subwoofer and now have sound to rival floor standers at many times the price. For anyone with limited space, this is a superb solution.

  7. Andrew

    Unbelievable speakers. You get what you pay for. The range in the response is
    second to none. Very impressive. Well done.

  8. Allan Radford

    Bought the Merlin S6 to complement my Wizard 5 as rear speakers in my surround sound system. As soon as you start to un pack them you realize these are awesome speakers with a great finish and appearance. These speakers are packed so well there be no way these are getting damage via transport.
    But the best thing about the Merlin S6 is the amazing sound and clarity for a reasonable price, I listen to them for a few days as stand alone with my Richter Mystique Valve amp such a smooth warm sound.
    I have enjoyed my Wizard 5 for almost 7 years and looking forward to do the same with the Merlin S6.
    Thank you Richter for such a awesome speaker.

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