Krakatoa IV Subwoofer

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The Krakatoa Series IV powered speaker is one of our legacy subwoofer speakers and is a part of the Legend IV Range.


  • Purpose: Home theatre/music reinforcement Suits Rooms to 60m(3)
  • Enclosure: Dual vented, full acoustic damping, full perimeter bracing
  • Driver: Low mass 250mm (10”) cone, Ultra high excursion technology High temp 50mm Kapton voice coil
  • Amplifier: 100 Watts RMS, <0.009% THD, 0°/180° phase switch, auto on, thermal/soft clipping protection, Low/high level operation
  • Frequency Response: 22Hz–180Hz
  • Dimensions (mm): H390, W420, D390

1 review for Krakatoa IV Subwoofer

  1. Jason

    Great sub. Running off a Pioneer SC-LX59 receiver with Orpheus Aurora 2’s mains. Replaced a 12 inch Pioneer non audio file. Such a step up to this 10 inch sub. The room immediately changed feel for both Music and Atmos. The Pioneer was a stop gap from my previous sub but this is the best I have owned so far. Musical and not boomy at all. Tight as a drum and cut in seamlessly from the roll off of the mains at 80hz. Enough power to shatter the windows. 🙂 No hesitation in recommending this sub.

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