Re-imagined and re-engineered for an engaging entertainment experience

Bring your favourite music to life with our new Series 6 range of loudspeakers and subwoofers. In a new clean modern look, we’ve taken a new approach and designed this range to deliver clarity and realism with an exceptional sound stage, so you can immerse yourself in an engaging entertainment experience.
THOR 10.6


We continue to design, develop and engineer our speakers right here in Australia in consultation with our customers. Our new Series 6 Cabinets have been designed to not only look great, using our tapered cabinet design and new magnetic grills, but have been designed for performance using our Bass Reflex port tuning system for even greater control of room and equipment variables.


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Re-imagined and re-engineered for an engaging entertainment experience

The Series 6 range is designed to deliver an Exciting Engaging Entertainment Experience. We’d like to get you digging through that record and CD collection or start swiping for your favourites from a streaming service.

Audition the Richter Series 6 Speakers with the Series 6 custom playlists

These custom playlists were created during the Series 6 audio engineering process. They provide a range of dynamic acoustic and digital music, which the new Series 6 speaker range beautifully showcases the audio – the way the artists intended their music to be enjoyed.


New 6 1/2” speaker driver cones are made from a pulp comprising of paper, hemp, kapok and wool with an engineered fibre resulting in a very lightweight but stiff driver cone, then sprayed with surface sealant. These new Midrange and Bass drivers developed for the Series 6 Range effectively minimise breakup and roll off resonance. Then partnered with an all New low distortion soft dome tweeter which has a resonance well below 900Hz and the desired phase characteristics of a gently inclined sound pressure level frequency response to over 30Khz.


These New improved Drivers allowed us to take a New crossover design approach minimising the number of components required in the signal path. High-quality acoustic polypropylene caps with air cored and ferrite cored inductors for the midrange and top end circuits were chosen with a huge laminated core inductor feeding the bass on the WIZARD S6.


Constructed from sturdy MDF the new Series 6 is designed for performance with bass Reflex ports that can also be tuned with the supplied foam port plugs for even greater control of room and equipment variables.
> Merlin S6 – Bookshelf Speakers (H320 x W219 X D289 (Including 9mm grill)
> Harlequin S6* – Floor Standing Speakers (H895 x W219 X D289mm (Including grill)
> Wizard S6* – Floor Standing Speakers (H965 x W221 x D359mm (Including grill)
> Thor 10.6 – Subwoofer (H534 × W432 × D538mm)
* Allow an extra 43mm height if stabilisers are installed.