Product Specs & Software

Below you’ll find a collection of current and legacy Richter speaker and amplifier specifications, information booklets, brochures and software.

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Legend-I-II-Spec-sheets.pdf167 KB03/11/2016 23:49:19
Legend-III-Spec-sheet.pdf60.5 KB03/11/2016 23:49:35
Legend-IV-Spec-sheet.pdf66.7 KB03/11/2016 23:49:46
Legend-V-Spec-sheet.pdf219 KB03/11/2016 23:50:13
Precious-Metals-Spec-sheet.pdf130 KB03/11/2016 23:48:55
Predators-Spec-sheet.pdf101 KB03/11/2016 23:49:15
Sovereigns-Spec-sheet.pdf61.4 KB03/11/2016 23:50:09